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Thoughts On John Green The Fault In Our Stars.

I thought I’d put this on here because you know inflicting my opinion upon the world, so read if you like :)

The First book I read of John Greens was The Fault In Our Stars, It changed my views forever on life and death.

Whilst reading this book I fell in love with a fictional character and ,though the Author doesn’t know me and never will, I found that he is my best friend.

Though he voices that his book is a work of fiction,I believe that Green has felt this way about other author as Hazel Grace did towards Peter Van Houten. Whilst reading this book there were many words of beauty that made me laugh, cry and suddenly have an over powering feeling that there is someone out there that understands what I am thinking.

I had a sigh of relief that there was someone ,a fictional character or the Author, that could put my confusion of the world into words that I can understand , What I am saying is John Green helped me put the big ‘unanswerable’ questions of life into order in my mind.

The Fault In Our Stars ,though arguable tragic, helped me to understand the order of thing; help me make sense of why we do thing and why we should be more content with death.

This book gave me answers that led me to more questions but also led me to enjoy and indulge in the puzzle of my mind.

I’m sorry for my awful writing :)

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My argument about what fiction is supposed to be - and I might be wrong, but that’s kind of the fun thing about arguing about these things - I think that fiction is really, at its core, supposed to be both an encouragement and a comfort. Fiction is a place where we find both revelation and consolation. - John Green

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